The issues young people are facing

Just ASK have observed how each Halloween young males predominantly engage in anti social and sometimes criminal behaviour in collecting materials for bonfires. We also noted the levels of leadership, planning, determination, organisation and courage among other skills used by these young people in collecting the bonfire material to one storage location. However, this activity also causes young males who would otherwise not be coming to the attention of the Gardai to receive JLOs and cautions. This antisocial behaviour also builds a negativity within their own community. We at Just A.S.K chose to recognise these skills and hone them into a much more positive more exciting choice for the young person one that would build their self esteem and really challenge them in a positive way.

Our project

This project endevours to take a group of young people from the inner city of Dublin, work with them on a program exploring the pros and cons of living in a working class community in the inner city and deciding what they would like to change and develop in an age appropriate and realistic way to both make a change and celebrate what makes their community good, finishing with an opportunity to volunteer with a project in North Africa to work with street kids and a remote Atlas village.The objective of the project is to promote empathy with people from different culture and develop a sense of engagement and justice as our part of the city is home to over 40 different minority community’s
The background to the evolution of this project is rooted in turning antisocial behaviours synonymous with north inner city at the Halloween period into life changing positive behaviour.